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Київ, Україна.
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Пн-Чт: 9.00 до 18.00
Пт: 9.00 до 17.00

Department of internal medicine with a course of psychiatry and narcology

Clinical immunology and allergology
Clinical pharmacology
Dermatology, venereology
Emergency and urgent medical care
General practice (family medicine)
Infectious diseases
Internal Medicine
Medical psychology
Occupational diseases
Production practice in the therapeutic department of a hospital
Propaedeutics of internal medicine
Psychiatry and narcology
Radiation medicine
Training of reserve officers
Training of reserve officers Module 2
Training of reserve officers Module 3


Department of Dentistry

Prevention of dental diseases
Surgical dentistry 4 c
Therapeutic dentistry 3-5 c
Therapeutic dentistry 5 c
Therapeutic dentistry3 c.
Therapeutic dentistry4 c
Orthodontics 3 cpdf
Orthodontics 4 c
orthodontics 5 с
Orthopedic dentistry
Pediatric therapeutic dentistry 4 c.
Pediatric therapeutic dentistry 5 c
Practical training in dentistry.Pediatric therapeutic dentistry


Department of social medicine and humanitarian disciplines

1. Foreign Language st

2. Foreign Language med

3. Foreign language (for professional purposes) med

4. Foreign language (for professional purposes) st

5. Ukrainian language (for professional purposes) med

6. Medical psychology

7. Life Safety med

8. Life Safety st

9. Labor protection in the industry med

10. Labor protection in the industry st

11. History of medicine

12. Philosophy st

13. Philosophy med

14. Deontology in medicine

15. History of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture

16. Latin language and medical terminology med

17.Latin language and medical terminology st

18. Hygiene and ecology

19. Epidemiology and principles of evidence-based medicine med

20. Epidemiology and principles of evidence-based medicine st

21. Medical informatics

22. Palliative and hospice medicine

23. Social medicine, public health 3

24. Social medicine, public health 4

25.Social medicine, public health 5

26.Social medicine, public health 6

27. Social medicine, organization

28. Biostatistics and clinical epidemiology

29. Basics of economic theories

30. Fundamentals of bioethics and biosafety


Department of Medical and Fundamental Disciplines

Biological and bioorganic chemistry med
Biological and bioorganic chemistry stom
Forensic medicine med
Forensic medicine stom
Histology, cytology and embryology med
Histology, cytology and embryology stom
Medical and Biological Physics med
Medical and Biological Physics stom
Medical biology med
Medical biology stom
Medical chemistry med
Medical chemistry stom
Medical law of Ukraine med
Medical law of Ukraine stom
Microbiology, virology and immunology med
Microbiology, virology and immunology stomdocx
Pathomorphology med
Pathomorphology stom
Pathophysiology med
Pathophysiology stom
Pharmacology med
Pharmacology stom
Physiology stom

Physiology med


Department of Surgery



Traumatology and orthopedics


Anesthesiology and intensive care

Child infectious diseases


Obstetrics and gynecology

Transition Eng / Ukr