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1.1. This Regulation was developed in accordance with the “Model Regulations on Student Hostels of Higher Educational Institutions”, approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of November 13, 2007, No. 1004, the current legislative acts of Ukraine and establishes the procedure for providing residential space in the hostel of the Private Higher Educational Institution “International Academy Ecology and Medicine “(hereinafter – the Academy), use of this hostel and its maintenance.

1.2. The Student Hostel of the Academy is appointed for the need to accommodate non-resident students (students), applicants, post-graduate students (further – Student), etc., only for the period of study. Free rooms in the hostel can be used by the head (administration) of the educational institution to create a separate hotel in agreement with the student body of the Academy. Foreign citizens studying in Ukraine are accommodated in dormitory on general grounds, unless otherwise provided by a contract or other normative-legal acts.

Non-resident entrants may be settled in the student hostel for the period of entrance examinations.

Students’ resettlement to student dormitories is carried out on the basis of the order of the dean’s office of the medical faculty. When you settle with the Academy of Accounting, an agreement on residence for one academic year (with prolongation to

appropriate term if there is no data about student deductions).

1.3. Hostel is intended for:

– for the living of single persons (residential premises are located in common use of several persons who are not in family relationships);

– for the residence of Student families (residential premises consisting of one or more rooms are in the use of one family).

In dormitories for the residence of single persons, if necessary and as an exception, may be allocated premises for the residence of student families, determined by the Academy administration in accordance with the current legislation at the request and agreement with the student’s self-government body of the Academy.

1.4. Accommodation of employees of an educational institution is carried out, with the exception, with the permission of the head of the Academy in agreement with the Council of the labor collective of the Academy and the student self-government body.

1.5. In addition to the main purpose of the dormitory, supplementary catering, medical care, telephone, telefax services, as well as various services (hairdressing, clothes repair, footwear, etc.), library, copying-multiplicity, use of computers can be provided for a separate fee. and others), due to the use of non-residential premises (basements, basements).

1.6. The dormitory should create the necessary conditions for living, independent study work, rest, physical culture, educational work. The composition and areas of sanitary facilities are allocated and fitted in accordance with sanitary rules for the maintenance of hostels.

1.7. The decision on the allocation of accommodation in the dormitory for public catering, health care facilities, communications, household services, etc., is taken by the head of the Academy, in agreement with the Council of the Academy staff and student self-government body.

1.8. The settlement of the hostel is carried out after creating the necessary living and living conditions for their residence in them and obtaining permission of the sanitary-epidemiological station and fire authorities and registration of the hostel in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation.

Before the settlement between the Student (resident) and the accountancy of the Academy, an agreement on accommodation in the hostel for one academic year is concluded and a residence permit for entry into the hostel is issued and the order is the only reason for the settlement and residence in this hostel.

A person who resides in the hostel is obliged to personally hand over to the commandant (manager) a hostel a warrant for the right to take a seat in the hostel with a receipt for the previous payment for the period of residence, to receive instruction on fire safety equipment, the operation of electrical appliances, household radio equipment and gas equipment, as well as with the use of elevators (in their presence in the hostel), read the Rules of the internal order, including the order of eviction from the hostel. The instruct is carried out by the commandant (head) in the hostel and confirmed by the personal signature of the dwelling in a special magazine.

In case of unforeseen circumstances and for valid reasons, residents may be relocated to another hostel and from the room to the room, with the decision and consent of the Academy’s management, the dean of the medical faculty, in agreement with the student’s self-government body of the higher educational institution. 1.9. The internal order in the hostel is set by the Rules, approved by the rector of the Academy and agreed with the body of student self-government of the Academy.

1.10. Students’ resettlement and eviction are carried out in agreement with the student body of the Academy.


2.1. Accommodation, accommodation and evacuation of students from the hostel is carried out by the dean of the medical faculty in consultation with the student body’s self-governing body of the Academy.

2.2. The distribution of vacant living spaces in the dormitory departments is carried out by a joint decision of the Academy administration with the body of student self-governance of the Academy.

2.3. Residency decisions at the hostel are being prepared for settlement. Students at the faculty (college) are accepted by the head and agree with the student body’s self-governing body of the Academy.

2.4. On the basis of the order on the settlement and the provision of bed places in the hostel, the accounting department of the Academy concludes a Student Agreement for living in a hostel for one academic year. The student is given a pass to the entrance to the hostel and a warrant that is the sole reason to live in this residential area. The order details the hostel number, its address and room number, as well as personal data.

2.5. Registration of orders and residents in hostels is carried out by the dean’s office of the Academy together with the commandant (head) of the dormitories.

2.6. Registration of the necessary documents for the registration of foreigners and stateless persons and removal from registration is carried out by employees of the Department for work with foreigners and stateless persons of the Academy.


3.1. Students and other persons are admitted to the student dormitory by the commandant (head) of the hostel or the substitute worker on the basis of the issued order, the residence and payment agreement, and the permission to enter the hostel.

A person who lodges in a hostel, has a dwelling place, necessary equipment, bed linen. The resident must be acquainted with the rules of the internal layout of the hostel, safety rules, including the use of electric, gas appliances, elevators, etc.

3.2. During the summer holidays (July-August month) Students have to release the room and pay with the hostel. Students wishing to live in a hostel for the summer vacation period, on their applications, enter into an additional Residence Agreement (or the extension of the main Residence Agreement for the entire academic year).

3.3. Accommodation

Enter the hostel only upon presentation of the pass (entrance to the hostel and exit from it is allowed round the clock).

Visitors have the right to stay in the hostel from 08.00 to 22.00. At the entrance to the hostel, the visitor leaves the other document that identifies the person and is registered in the book of visitors. A resident of the hostel must personally meet the guest and hold him at the resettlement of the hostel. Responsibility for the timely abandonment of hostel visitors and their compliance with the rules of the internal order in the hostels of the Academy is carried by the residents who invited the guests.

3.4. Rights and responsibilities of dormitory residents Residents of the hostel have the right to:

– use premises of educational, cultural-household and sporting purposes, equipment and property of the hostel;

– to demand timely repairs or replacement of equipment, furniture, bed linen, and also elimination of deficiencies in household maintenance;

– to elect the Student Council of the hostel and to be elected to its membership;

– through the Student Council of the hostel to take part in solving issues related to improvement of housing and living conditions, organization of educational work and leisure, work of the staff, etc.

Residents of the hostel are obligated:

– to comply with the requirements set forth in the agreement on accommodation in the hostel;

– to know and strictly adhere to the Rules of the internal order in the hostels of the Academy;

– to pay in time for a residence;

– maintain purity and order in their rooms, blocks and places of public use;

– to participate in alternation;

– to take part in public works (2 hours a week) in landscaping and landscaping of the adjoining dormitory of the territory, protection of green spaces, repair and proper maintenance of sports grounds and adjoining territory, as well as during sanitary days;

– to take care of state property

– premises, equipment, property of a dormitory, economically to spend heat, electricity, gas and water;

– to ensure the availability of duplicate keys from the room and block from the head of the hostel, and in case of their absence or replacement of the door lock, issue the corresponding duplicate;

– To submit applications for repair of electric, plumbing equipment and furniture in a timely manner;

– All emergency events at the hostel urgently notify the head of the hostel, the regular dormitory and the Student Council of the hostel;

– to indemnify the material losses in accordance with the current legislation;

– adhere to the rules of safety, fire safety when using electric and gas appliances. Additional electrical appliances and radio equipment, computer and other equipment of residents are subject to registration with the head of the hostel;

– upon graduation or early termination of the right to reside in the hostel, hand over the property, inventory in use and a room suitable for living, make a proper travel document, withdraw from the residence registration in the hostel and evict from the hostel for 3 ( three) days from the date of issue of the corresponding order or order.

Residents of the hostel are forbidden:

– to take any actions that pose a danger to the life and health of people or may lead to damage to property, inventory and equipment of the hostel;

– to move illegally from one room to another, to change the door lock of the room (block);

– to process and transfer the inventory and furniture from one place to another or take them from the working rooms without the permission of the head of the hostel;

– to repair and repair the electric equipment;

– use electric heating appliances and electric cookers in living rooms; use electrical appliances that are not registered with the head of the hostel;

– to carry out electrical works in rooms and in the hostel;

– to store, use additional electrical equipment, which is not provided by design and calculation norms;

– to hold mass events in the hostel without the written permission of the administration of the Academy (dean of the medical faculty);

– leave unauthorized persons after 22.00;

– to store, use alcoholic beverages, narcotic or toxic substances, to be in the hostel in the state of alcohol, toxic or narcotic intoxication;

– smoking in the hostel is strictly prohibited;

– to break the silence from 22.00 till 08.00 hours;

– to turn on radio and television, computer and audio equipment to a volume exceeding sound-proofing of the room (Law of Ukraine No. 174-ІІ dated June 3, 2004);

– keep pets at the hostel;

– glued on the walls of cries, announcements, etc. without the permission of the head of the hostel;

– to enter the hostel outside the passageway.

Encouragement and Recovery:

For active participation in cultural events, works to maintain the proper condition of the room, dormitory and adjoining territory, dormitory may be encouraged.

For violations of the Rules of the internal order in the dormitories of the Ministry of Education and Science “MAEM”, as well as for actions incompatible with the student’s title, the following charges are imposed on the residents:

– remarks;

– reprimand;

– not a settlement to the hostel for the next academic year;

– termination of the Agreement on residence (in agreement with the student body municipality);

– deductions from the Academy (in agreement with the student body municipality).

Promotion and collection of dormitory residents in accordance with the established procedure shall be made by the rector, dean of the medical faculty, on the recommendation of the commandant (head) of the dormitory, the Student Council of the dormitory, in agreement with the student body’s self-governing body of the Academy.


4.1. Applicants who received unsatisfactory assessment at the entrance examinations leave the place in the hostel in the prescribed manner no later than three days after the announcement of the test results; Applicants who filed an appeal – within three days after the meeting of the appellate commission; entrants who are not enrolled in the educational institution in the competition – within three days after the issuance of the enrollment order.

4.2. When deducting from the Academy, when transferring from the full-time form of study to another form, after the academy or in the case of early termination of the Residence Agreement – residents shall be exempted from the hostel within three days from the day the respective order (order) is issued.

4.3. In cases where, for valid reasons, the resident can not leave the hostel in due time, this term may be extended by a joint decision of the head (administration) and the student self-governance body of the Academy.

4.4. The eviction of residents from the hostel is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. In case of a violation of the Accommodation Agreement in the hostel on the part of the inhabitant, he is evicted from the hostel, fully reimburses the damages, the payment for the previous residence is not returned. Changing the head (administration) of the hostel does not deprive citizens residing in it of the right to use this hostel and their eviction can only be conducted in accordance with the procedure established by law.

4.5. Persons who voluntarily settled in a hostel or students, students or postgraduate students who have not evicted in due time are evicted in by administrative procedure or by a court order without giving them another accommodation.


5.1. The cost of living in a hostel consists of the cost of its maintenance and the cost of mandatory household services provided to residents.

5.2. The exact amount of the payment for accommodation in hostels is set by the Academy administration and is calculated in accordance with the current tariffs, the procedure for calculating utilities in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

5.3. The residence fee is charged to the dwelling for the duration of the stay.

5.4. The monthly fee for living in student dormitories, including the use of linen, where services and equipment and equipment are completed in accordance with the state standards, is carried out in accordance with utility tariffs.

5.5 Additional services for the installed additional electrical equipment are paid separately.


Places in student dormitories for the placement of students’ families Students are determined by a joint decision of the academy leader and the student’s self-government body of the Academy, based on the available housing stock, for the residence of families with the observance of sanitary norms of residence.


7.1. Direct management of economic activities and the operation of the hostel, the organization of living of residents, observance of sanitary, environmental and fire standards of residence, observance of the established order is carried out by the commandant (head) of the hostel.

7.2. The commandant (head) of the hostel is obliged:

– to comply strictly with the requirements of the Residence Agreement concluded by the Academy with the resident dormitory;

– to make a settlement in the hostel on the basis of a warrant, passport, permission to enter the hostel, a receipt for payment of residence and permits;

– to familiarize the inhabitants, at the entrance to the hostel, with the Regulations on the student hostel, the rules of fire and safety engineering;

– to keep the hostel’s premises in accordance with established sanitary norms and rules;

– to equip the dormitories with furniture, equipment, bed linen and other equipment in accordance with the “Standard standard for the equipment of dormitories with furniture and other equipment”;

– control the provision of the hostel with the necessary equipment, inventory, tools and materials for maintenance and cleaning of the hostel and adjacent territory;

– to submit applications for the repair of the hostel, inventory, equipment, to maintain in good condition the fortified territory and greenery;

– to provide and control the carrying out of appropriate repairs of buildings, dormitories, territories;

– to provide the dwelling inhabitants with the necessary communal services, to maintain in a proper condition premises for conducting educational work, independent training and conducting cultural and sports events;

– to relocate, if necessary, with acute illnesses and the absence of the possibility of hospitalization of sick dwelling inhabitants in the insulator;

– complete the staff of the hostel in accordance with the established procedure by the staff;

– to assist the Student Council of the dormitory in the development of student self-government on issues of work, life and rest of the inhabitants;

– to take measures to improve living and cultural conditions in the hostel, to take timely measures to implement the proposals of residents, to inform them about the decisions made;

– To keep records of the comments and suggestions of residents regarding the maintenance of the hostel and improvement of living and living conditions;

– submit to the head (administration) of the Academy proposals for improvement of living conditions in the hostel;

– to provide the necessary thermal regime in all premises in accordance with the established standards of comfort;

– To evacuate students in a timely manner who have terminated relations with an educational institution;

– in case of necessity, provide the allocation of premises for organization in the dormitories of cultural-educational, sports work, dining rooms and buffets, equip them with trade and technological equipment, furniture, utensils and necessary equipment.

7.3. The commandant (manager) of the hostel is responsible for complying with the rules of the internal order and the conditions of the “Agreement on Residence” by all residents and service staff.

7.4 When evicting from the hostel, the commandant (manager) is obliged to dormitory:

7.4.1 bring the student, student or postgraduate student the grounds for eviction;

7.4.2 arrange evictions with the participation of the castellan, the manager of the luggage chamber, the guardians of the hostel;

7.4.3. To accept from the Student, the student or the postgraduate student the solid equipment that was given to them for use during the period of residence in the hostel;

7.4.4 provide accounting for the Academy accounting;

7.4.5 to sign a bypass

7.4.6 on the day of signing the travel letter, remove the pass for the right to enter the hostel and a file a note to the dean’s office of the medical faculty.

or department of postgraduate studies, which is attached to the relevant hostel (structural unit), for the withdrawal of evicted from the database and from the map of settlement;

7.4.7. Take appropriate actions in respect of the pecuniary damage suffered by students, students or postgraduate students;

7.4.8 place a list of students, students or postgraduate students who have lost their right to reside in the hostel.

7.4.9 The head of the luggage storage room returns to the student, student or postgraduate their personal belongings, previously accepted for storage.

7.4.10 Materially responsible persons at the hostel is the commandant (head) of the hostel, the manager of the luggage chamber, the watchman.

7.4.11 The dormitory administration is responsible for preserving the student’s property, which is given to the dormitory luggage room.


8.1. The operation of the hostel is provided by the relevant operational units of the Academy in accordance with the rules and standards of operation and repair of residential the fund

8.2. When performing a major repair of the hostel, if repair is impossible to execute without resettlement of inhabitants. Students are provided with adequate repair time lived in the same or another hostel. After the overhaul of them they have a living space that they usually occupy before.

8.3. The current repair of hostels is carried out at the expense of the Academy, funds of sponsors, special funds and is systematic and timely carrying out works on maintenance of structural elements, decoration, engineering equipment and elements of exterior improvement from premature wear, as well also to eliminate minor damage and malfunctions that occurred during the time operation, adjustment and adjustment of engineering equipment.

8.4. The Academy’s leadership is responsible for proper operation and the maintenance of hostels, adherence to them in the established order and rules of residence, organization of everyday life of the inhabitants, educational, cultural and mass sports and recreation work.

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